The Pipe & Tabor Tutor

A self-teaching method by Dick Bagwell. Stefan Dollak has revised the classic Tutor for its 30th anniversary, updating the Resources chapter and doing a few touch-ups here and there.

PTT cover

A few years after meeting Dick Bagwell, he contacted me and asked if I would assume responsibility for the publishing and distribution of his book. It was quite an honor, and an awesome responsibility, and a significant amount of work. But the 30th anniversary edition is now available!

One of the significant changes is that this new edition does not include a CD, where prior editions came with a “Play Along” disc (earlier editions were in cassette form). This page will soon have Dick’s recording available as a free download. If you have purchased the 30th anniversary Pipe & Tabor Tutor and would like to have a ‘hard copy’ CD of the recording, contact me and I will mail one to you.

In addition to publishing and distributing the Tutor, it is my intent to keep the book as current and relevant to the pipe and tabor players of the 21st century, and in today’s changing technological times, that may mean maintaining an online supplement for the book: recordings, videos, links, updates, and downloads may well be the future of Dick Bagwell’s Tutor. Or it may not! After all, the pipe & tabor is an ancient thing that seems to resist all modernity. It could well be that a simple, hard-copy book could be the perfect companion to a wooden pipe and hemp-rope drum.

Here’s a link to Dick Bagwell’s original ‘play-along’ recording:

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