Presenting ancient instruments in the classroom, lecture hall… or anywhere!

Stefan Dollak’s exciting collection of period instruments has helped numerous schools bring vivid life to their medieval and renaissance studies curriculum.

IMG_1367Stefan’s humorous, engaging and illuminating talks about the music and instruments of medieval and renaissance Europe are liberally punctuated with virtuoso performances, and supplemented with slideshow presentations of medieval manuscripts and paintings depicting authentic notation, instruments and their players.

Bartholomew Faire 10 (2)

Stefan, Danielle and Louis demonstrating instruments at the Music Instrument Museum in Phoenix, AZ. This was during the holiday season, thus the tree.


Each presentation is essentially a performance, tailored to the specific audience.  Kindergarteners and senior citizens alike have discovered new realms of sound through Stefan’s demonstration of ancient music-making.  Past clients include: The Phoenix Music Instrument Museum, Great Hearts Academies, Phoenix Parks & Recreation, Mesa Public Schools, Carefree Public Schools, Phoenix High Schools, Globe-Miami Concert Series, and the Arizona Center for Medieval & Renaissance Studies.


A typical presentation lasts an hour (generally shorter for K-5 audiences), and are recommended for smaller groups (up to 30) due to the fascinating visual nature of the instruments (with large audiences, the visual impact of the instruments tends to be diminished).  Rooms equipped with a screen and a digital projector are essential for the slideshow aspect.  Stefan has done outdoor presentations as well.

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