Bartholomew Faire: NOW HEAR YE!

The early music group BARTHOLOMEW FAIRE presents

“ORCHESOGRAPHIE: The Renaissance Dances”

Concert program for early 2018.

Bartholomew Faire presents a selection of the dance music from the famous treatise Orchesographie, published in 16th century France. In addition to Bartholomew Faire’s dazzling collection of authentic instruments like the lute, harp, bagpipes, dulcian, bladder-pipes, pipe & tabor, and hurdy-gurdy, these catchy tunes will be supplemented by illuminating and amusing readings from the book itself.

Joining us for our concerts in March will be the Valley’s premier early-music vocal ensemble Solis Camerata directed by Dr Kira Ruggen. 

Many of these tunes are not only long-time Bartholomew Faire favorites, but are also well known among early music aficionados, and even casual renaissance faire-goers: the “Belle, qui tiens ma vie” Pavane, the Basse Danse “Jouissance,” the “Official Branle” (aka “Ding Dong Merrily on High”), and the catchy and energetic “Horses Bransle.” Bartholomew Faire presents this music in their usual, inimitable style, approaching the dance tunes with tempos that are functional for dancers, and arrangements that reveal not only the scope of Bartholomew Faire’s instrumentarium, but also the character of each piece.

Please see the “Live Performances” page on this site for forthcoming performance dates and locations, and links to ticketing information.

Contact Stefan for booking information.


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